When are you going to publish your next post?
In the 3rd or 4th week of February.

Given the title and web address of the blog, is there going to be an entry on navigating the intricacies of getting pickup up?
That’ll probably be the next piece.

Do you take requests?
Yes, just tweet at or message me @olmansju

Why are your posts so long?
I don’t start out trying to write a 6000 or 8000 or 10000 word post. I just dig into the topic. Pickup basketball cultures are complicated, nuanced, and interesting so naturally, I end up with a lot to say. When possible I’ll try and split up my posts.

I’ve noticed that some posts change over time, what gives?
Usually I hit ‘publish’ when I feel a post is 95% finished. Then I use the next 72 hours to get feedback, improve/expand the conclusion, and fix typos. If you want to read the ‘final’ version wait a few days before reading a post.

Why write this blog?
I like thinking and writing about pickup basketball and I like creating multimodal texts. If the possibility of doing a book about pickup ball came up I’d probably use the process I’ve developed as well as some of the posts I’ve already written to get the project started.

I have an idea for a post, would you consider letting me guest blog on YouGotFive?
That depends. Is it about pickup basketball? Send me a message via twitter @olmansju

What is your process?
I write down any idea I have for a post and add notes about it. When I have time to write I select a topic from my post ideas. Next I think about what theories might be useful in analyzing the topic. I expand my notes based on experience, NBA and NCAA analogues, and the theories I’ve decided to use. Then I read what other people have said about the topic and add their perspective (giving them credit). Next I add images, video, and humor.

What is your favorite pickup court of all time?
All-time fav was in Houston just off of Scott Street, great mix of local players and college students who could ball. It was bulldozed and replaced with a University of Houston building several years ago. [see the Courts page]

What is your favorite existing pickup court?
Court 2 in the Gregory Gym Annex building on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. [see the Courts page]

What is your secret to having such a good pickup winning percentage?
Mostly because I forget to log days when I lose. JK. I’ve been lucky recently (see Baller’s Log). Lots of people have way better pickup winning percentages than I do. But, as mentioned in my manifesto, I have a plan. Also, playing with the same teammates as much as possible helps.

What if I disagree with your analysis or think you missed something?
Add a comment about it at the end of the post and I’ll respond.

What if I notice a typo?
Lett me no and I’ll fix fix it. @olmansju


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